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How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

So, maybe you have been thinking about starting a pool service business or you have seen a pool cleaning business for sale and want to buy it.  Sounds like fun, right?  If you want to become a pool cleaner, you probably enjoy working outside and appreciate the fact you can basically set your own hours while earning good money along the way. However, before you take the plunge, there are a few things you should research before signing up that first client.

3 Things to Consider Before Starting a Pool Cleaning Business

Australia has the highest rate of pools per capita in the world, and is only growing! Therefore, owning and operating a pool cleaning and maintenance service can be a reliable business opportunity. At present, there are around 2.7 million swimming pools across Australia, and that number continues to escalate every year. With the demand for backyard pools comes the demand for quality service that can be rendered by a respected pool cleaning business. The pool service industry alone is a billion dollar industry!

With a pool care services franchise such as Ultra Pool Care Squad, you could begin an exciting business and become an integral part of this fast-growing industry that shows no signs of slowing down! While operating your own business is a serious matter no matter the industry, a pool cleaning franchise like Ultra Pool Care Squad means you get to enjoy what you love the most: spending time outside, being your own boss, creating your own schedule, and building incredible relationships with happy customers who enjoy having a clean, sparkling, and healthy swimming pool. After all, you are freeing up their time to do what they love to do, too! It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Business of Pool Cleaning Businesses

If we asked you what a pool cleaning business does, could you truly answer that question? If you think you will be hanging out in the sunshine and just relaxing by the pool, you may want to reconsider your desire to start your own pool cleaning business. Your job as a pool cleaner is to keep clients’ pools in clean and perfect condition.

When you visit a client’s pool, you will be responsible to oversee all maintenance and cleaning.  This will require you to check water levels and adjust the necessary chemicals to keep the water in the right pH balance. Assessing and adjusting the chemical balance of a pool is a highly critical aspect of the pool service business you will offer so you have to be willing to put in the work, research, and study on how to maintain the chemical balance of a pool.

Additionally, you will also have to check the filters and pumps of the pool. Because these elements are complicated pieces of machinery, you will need a working knowledge of how they operate and be able to deal with any issues in the machinery.

Further, you will need to keep track of the seasons in your geographic area. The beginning and end of pool season tend to be the busiest times of year for pool cleaning businesses. Be prepared for a lot of extra work during these times.

The Ultra Pool Care Squad franchise offers you all the support and training you need to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently, from your very first day and well into the future.

More than a Pool Cleaning Service,

it’s a Business

Operating your own pool cleaning service will require insurance, managing accounts, and, depending on big you grow, employees. Running your own pool cleaning business means you are operating your own business. Translation? You will need to do the following:

Things You Need to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

If you just want to clean private pools and not assist with overall maintenance, all you need to do is keep those pools clean. However, clients will most likely desire a high standard of service, which includes attention to maintenance issues.  If they find a pool cleaning services that both cleans and provides maintenance at roughly the same price and is also more knowledgeable and certified, your pool cleaning business probably won’t gain much traction. If you can’t take on the more serious issues related to maintenance work, you will most likely lose out on some business.

With an Ultra Pool Care Squad franchise, you immediately position yourself to master accounting and financial principles through the Ultra Pool Care Squad University. You will acquire foundational training in everything you need to know, giving you the confidence to hit the ground running on day one.

What You will Need to Start a Qualified Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Business

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In a nutshell, you will need the following at your disposal:

  • Thorough knowledge about how pools work.
  • Access to a wholesaler to purchase chemicals. When you have a lot of clients, purchasing the chemicals at a retail store is not your best bet financially and can costs you thousands of dollars in the long run.
  • Knowledge of how pool filter, pumps, and plumbing work. You should be able to diagnose issues with them and be able to repair them. Certification may also be required if you intend to work on a variety of pool types.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Pool Cleaning Service

As with any major decision we make in life, it is always critical to weigh the pros and cons before making that decision. Therefore, we should explore the pros and cons of purchasing a pool cleaning service.


  • You get to work outside.
  • You can choose your own hours.
  • It’s great exercise.


  • You have to be highly educated on the use of chemicals. If you don’t know what you are doing with them, it can be dangerous.
  • There are seasonal ups and downs. Sadly, it is not summer year-round everywhere.
  • You will need appreciable training before you get your pool cleaning business up and running.

Grow Your Pool Cleaning Service with Ultra Pool Care Squad at Your Service

Starting a pool cleaning business can be an exciting opportunity. Yes, it does require some work, but you don’t have to go at it alone.
If you still have more questions, comments, or concerns about how to start a pool cleaning service and are wondering if pool cleaning is a good business, the experts at Ultra Pool Care Squad can assist you.

UPCS can give you the support and training you need – in the classroom, on site, and well into the future.  When you purchase an Ultra Pool Care Squad franchise, you become the beneficiary of a 12-day , hands-on training at our support centre in Yatala, Queensland. This is where you will get everything you need to run your UPCS franchise.  We provide support in all areas: technical, customer service, business, accounting, and financials.  To learn more, you can download our franchise kit here.

Explore Industries, our parent company, has been manufacturing pools for more than two decades.  We know a thing or two about swimming pools and are more than willing to share that knowledge with you to ensure your success.

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